They Gave Up on Me

I was rushing this morning and was on my way to the jeepney queue when i felt that my foot was slipping from my wedge shoe. I didn’t realize that the straps on the side were already detached from the wedge. I really loved those shoes because I could pair it with pants or skirts […]

In a Month

Have you noticed that some local TV personalities started losing some pounds and they are wearing skimpier clothes? Like Juday for example. I even saw one photo of her looking like a Pussycat doll, costume wise. Anyway, I wonder if the thinning capsule really works or is it because these people have some extra money […]

Insanely Beachy :D

I just want to lay my feet somewhere sandy with salt water and landscapes nearby to take photos. I’ve seen some travel blogs lately and I just can’t help but drool. I mean, there are a lot of really amazing photos plastered on their sites accompanied by a visually stimulating entry. I especially love the […]

Amaze Me!

Recently, I’ve been surfing a lot to find the perfect place where my college friends and I can spend the summer together. I came across a blog that advertised a resort in Masbate. I was kind of surprised because the province did not struck me as a tourist destination. That is why even if my […]

The Bucket List

“You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you. “ So, I heard this line from the movie and it really struck me. Most of the time, I think that I just live for myself and no one else. I’m not saying that I should live my life for other people, it’s just […]

I Dream of This Every Payday

Every time I see a David and Goliath store, I can’t help but take a peek at their shirts because I so love their designs. I also want to get a bag. It looks so flashy. I think it looks so me. The problem is, I’m still having a hard time putting down a thousand […]