Here’s the Thing

I know I’m not disclosing much about the wedding here in my blog. I think I didn’t even write that I’m getting married. hehe. Now, you know :p Anyway, preps are fun and the one thing that’s been bugging me lately is the wedding theme. I’m discouraging myself to come up with themes because I […]

Cut the Chace

I’m a net freak lately and I’ve scoured all the pages of my yahoogroup, Multiply and Facebook all day. While browsing through entries in my Multiply inbox, I stumbled upon Chace Crawford’s studio shot from Heat Magazine. I don’t want to sound like a high school girl but yeah, you must know what I mean. […]

Visuals with Vision

No thanks to my laptop this is another late post. Last March 20, the newly revamped Yo Card website (courtesy of Certain Kind of Hue) was launched along with a advocacy contest, Visuals with Vision. Find the mechanics here. Photo credit: Yo Card online dot com I had a grand time going to this event […]