I Want Our Home to be Filled With…

I’m just excited to fix our own place next year. Mark and I have all these ideas already and just imagining our little cozy home makes me so giddy. 🙂 Since we started discussing about the renovation, I can’t stop thinking of getting stuff from Heima (libre lang mangarap) 🙂 I just don’t get tired […]

You snap like scissors

It’s not a one way street, I know I have my mishaps but it just makes me sad. Hurling words without contemplating. One harsh phrase after another. I slowly die inside and if you would just listen, my heart screams a silent cry. I wish we weren’t like that, I feel like giving up now..

Born This Way

For those watching the series, you’re well familiar with the episode. Like you, the ending performance struck me. I’m way beyond my teens but if I were to wear the white shirt and print some words on it, mine would probably say “NOT ENOUGH”:D. Growing up, I had some struggles being a teen in an exclusive […]