Post Summer Post

I’ve been meaning to write about my weekend getaway since last Sunday night. Pero dahil sa gusto ko may photos ang entry, hindi pa ako makapagpost. I can’t pick from the photos pa. Sana lang hindi ko katamaran mag ayos ng pictures for the entry. Will post about the raves soon. 😀 Advertisements

Print Out

You’re looking at a back to back flyer, people. It might not seem like it but yes, it’s actually a flyer and I made the layout.  I was especially happy mid last week because finally it was mass printed already! Whee!! It’s not the best design , I know but it’s just so great it […]


That’s what my cellphone has gotten itself into just awhile ago. How was I to know that putting another sim card (to be able to charge it) would cost me a whole lot? I paid 500 bucks for it!!!! (actually, Mark did)  Argh!!!! And I lost all my contacts. I should have traded it for […]