Boso Boso Highlands

Okay, so the name of the place is a little bit off but it was refreshing nonetheless. I’m talking about the nearby scenery, nevermind the resort facilities because my family, friends and I didn’t enjoy it very much. The staff are very nice though. Meanwhile, here are some of photos I took when we took […]

Jelly Jelly!

I’ve been eyeing a lomocam since last year and Mark almost agreed to buying me one but changed his mind. He said that it’s more practical to save up the money to buy a DSLR instead. He’s got a point but I discovered something really cool, almost a lomocam… It’s Jelly Lens! I just have […]

Good Morning

The next day after the wedding, Tei, Norman and I woke up early. I wanted to take a bath already but Tei suggested that we take a morning walk before I hit the shower. It was a lovely morning with the sun just coming up and gush of cold wind brushing my face. We were […]