Waiting for January

And it’s not because it’s my birthday month but because the first baby of the group will be out on that month. Well, I don’t mean it to sound like it’s a new release or something. I’m so happy and excited and oh just so happy! Everyone’s fussing about him/her (I really hope he’s a […]

I Still Dream of Coron

The moment my boss mentioned the idea that the company outing would be in Palawan, my mind never stopped weaving images of white sand beaches and clear blue waters. I secretly wished that it would push through and it did! We rode a ship (Superferry’s Our Lady of Good Voyage) going to Coron. I had […]

Twilight the Movie

I really love the first book and now, it’ll be shown on the big screen. I can’t wait. I’ve been wondering for so long who’s going to play Edward Cullen and I wasn’t disappointed when I was told that Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter) got the role. Wheee! For more movie info check […]

Jim Paredes on EX-GFs (from Deanne’s blog)

Okay, I was checking my Multiply inbox when I read Deanne’s blog entry. I can’t open the original site so I pasted here what Deanne chose to post. It’s very insightful. It’s another way you can look at it. Something positive, really. I had other relationships with accompanying lessons, but all these happened so long ago, and […]

Tagged Twice

I can’t believe I answered this thing twice. I was first tagged by Kath then by Deanne in Multiply. I was draining my head coming up with funny, juicy, weird even scary details about me. Well, here’s twenty random LIZ facts.    

Quezon Quest 08

Finally after a week, I’ll finally be able to post a decent entry about my first real summer getaway. My college friends and I trooped down south to for our summer outing. I’m so thankful that it didn’t rain so hard. Actually the downpour was on the latter part of the trip so it was […]