I Still Dream of Coron

The moment my boss mentioned the idea that the company outing would be in Palawan, my mind never stopped weaving images of white sand beaches and clear blue waters. I secretly wished that it would push through and it did!

We rode a ship (Superferry’s Our Lady of Good Voyage) going to Coron. I had the experience to ride a ship before to Cebu so I wasn’t very jittery, I actually felt kind of excited.


The ship left the South Manila Harbor at around quarter to five in the afternoon so my officemates and I trooped to the top deck to watch as the ship went farther away from the harbor and into the open sea (which is a bothering thought for me)


manila sunset

I was able to have a sound sleep despite the idea that the group beside our bunks were kind of noisy. I woke up at around 4am. Lhove and I stayed on the upper part of the ship where you can have a view of the sea. We waited for an hour and a half to witness a breathtaking sunrise. An hour and a half later, we arrived at the Pier of Coron. It was a 12 hour travel from Manila to Coron, Palawan.

We stayed in Coron Village Lodge for the two days we were there. The food were all sumptuous. We had lunch on beaches and they serve snacks too. It was heaven! Here are some of the destinations we visited:

The Maquinit Hot Spring

Kayangan Lake (voted as the Cleanest Lake in Asia thrice)

Banol Beach (strips of white sand)

Mt. Tapyas (Climb the 780 steps to see an exhilirating view of the town and the surrounding islands)

Calumbuyan Beach (tree lined white sand beach)

Gun boat ship wreck

I wasn’t able to take a decent photo of the Barracuda lake because the steep climb must’ve made me forget. haha! I also got to experience snorkelling and was awed by the underwater sites of coral gardens and different kinds of fishes. You can find other Coron photos here.

I spent the banca trip back to the Lodge staring at the setting sun. It might be the last time I’d be in the place. It was quite a trip and I don’t mind a part two. ;p

If you have plans of taking the Coron adventure, I suggest you try to visit the Coron Village Lodge website and check out their tour packages.


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