Quezon Quest 08

Finally after a week, I’ll finally be able to post a decent entry about my first real summer getaway. My college friends and I trooped down south to for our summer outing. I’m so thankful that it didn’t rain so hard. Actually the downpour was on the latter part of the trip so it was okay. We’re not complete, only ten people attended the outing but it was really a lot of fun. We stayed at Dalampasigan beach resort. I really don’t like swimming in the sea so I was their photographer. 😀 I maximized the pool, though. Good thing, the place wasn’t so packed.


The next day, Sunday, we ate lunch at Kamayan sa  Palaisdaan, where the eating area is floating. It’s really nice place and they served good food. We had sisig, sinigang na sugpo, laing and inihaw na baboy. sarap! and we visited the Tayabas church that was said to have the longest aisle in the country. Well, I have to agree. The church was magnificent with its beautiful wooden ceilings. My knees literally wobbled as we climbed 300 steps up the kamay ni Hesus grotto.

Well, we ended the day by buying pasalubong. I especially like Lucban longganisa at ang walang kamatayang buko pie. 😀 Next in our list, Christmas Party na sana daw out of town and would require riding a plane. Sana matuloy. haha! 

For more photos jump to here, here and here. 😀



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