Jim Paredes on EX-GFs (from Deanne’s blog)

Okay, I was checking my Multiply inbox when I read Deanne’s blog entry. I can’t open the original site so I pasted here what Deanne chose to post. It’s very insightful. It’s another way you can look at it. Something positive, really.

I had other relationships with accompanying lessons, but all these happened so long ago, and the memories, though pleasant, are now far removed from my present reality. What remains relevant is what I learned from these women about women. As teachers go, girlfriends are the best source of learning for men about women.

I am forever grateful to all the women I’ve gone with for being the “angels” that they were, who taught me, each in her own way, how to understand women and how to love the one I am spending the rest of my life with better.


2 thoughts on “Jim Paredes on EX-GFs (from Deanne’s blog)

  1. Ang moral ng lesson: Collect dapat ng collect! Bwahahahahahaha!!!

    Its something negative naman, really.

    How are you liz?

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