This entry might look like a prelude to Valentine’s day but no, this is just me getting all sappy and all. So anyway, I received a message in Friendster from a friend’s boyfriend. He was asking if we could meet so I can sign a big birthday card for my friend. He told me not […]

Pag ‘Di Makalimutan, Tinatanggap

Ping Medina: Ano ang ginagawa pag may nawala? Jett Pangan: Hinahanap. Ping Medina: Pag ‘di mahanap? Jett Pangan: Pinapalitan. Ping Medina: Pag ‘di mapalitan? Jett Pangan: Eh ‘di kinakalimutan. Ping Medina: Pag ‘di makalimutan? Jett Pangan: Tinatanggap. I read these lines from Pao’s blog. Well actually, these are lines from the movie, Tulad ng Dati. […]

I Dream of This Every Payday

Every time I see a David and Goliath store, I can’t help but take a peek at their shirts because I so love their designs. I also want to get a bag. It looks so flashy. I think it looks so me. The problem is, I’m still having a hard time putting down a thousand […]

All Good

There are times when I think everything is just a dream; a long bad one. That afterwards, I’d wake up catching my breath. I’d be needing to drink some water to calm down. Slowly, reality would hold on to me and I’ll just sigh and shook my head relieved. I’d say to myself that it’s […]

A Very Dreary Entry

I opened this account today hoping that I could write something. But I cannot process my thoughts properly. I tried running through the day’s events but nothing in particular pissed or made me ecstatic. Tap tap tap.  Though most of the idle time I have with myself away from the computer, I thought of a […]


The week passed by in a blur. I think I started the year right by finding a work. So far, it’s fun even though for the next month I’d be handling the customer service to be familiar with the products that the company distributes. Uh sorry, I’m not in the mood to elaborate on the […]

Halfy Birthday!

If not for the string of birthday greetings that kept my phone busy the whole day yesterday, it wouldn’t have sunk in that it was my birthday. I woke up and read the messages from the night before and it made me sail right out of bed. The calls convinced me that it was really […]