Hello Cebu!


Dear Saab,


Time flies so fast, love! So many things are happening all at the same time and I can’t keep up. It really just seems like yesterday when you were this teeny weeny baby in my arms and look at what you can do now. You’re all around the living room playing and getting your books by the shelf sometimes pretending to read. It makes me smile. You can now say Daddy, Kitty, Tita and Hi and I know you’re too eager to talk because it shows, dear. 🙂 And not because I’m your mom but I’m really happy that you’re a friendly and charming kid. Saying hi and waving at everyone and flashing a toothy grin. And you make us proud that you can identify the alphabet thanks to Ninang Elle for the tip 😉


Last week, you had your first plane ride to Cebu and Daddy and I are really happy to see that you enjoyed the time with us and our relatives. It just failed us to take photos of you while in the plane. Tsk! Mommy forgetfulness, my bad.


Anyway, here are some photos to remind you 🙂

IMG_9885 IMG_9908 IMG_9954 IMG_9635 IMG_9643 copy IMG_9644 IMG_9666 IMG_9695 IMG_9733 IMG_9742 copy IMG_9777 IMG_9791 copy


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