This entry might look like a prelude to Valentine’s day but no, this is just me getting all sappy and all. So anyway, I received a message in Friendster from a friend’s boyfriend. He was asking if we could meet so I can sign a big birthday card for my friend. He told me not to breathe a word since it’s a big surprise. Blurting it out here doesn’t count, right? I’m sure that friend of mine doesn’t read my blog. Or does she? Oh no! Haha! Back to my story, his plan was to meet all my friend’s friends and make them write a birthday note for her. It was an “awww” moment for me. Imagine going through the hassle of meeting those people one by one, it does need a lot of time and effort and love. 🙂  So, cheers to you, pare! I’m sure my friend will love it. 🙂


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