Boso Boso Highlands

Okay, so the name of the place is a little bit off but it was refreshing nonetheless. I’m talking about the nearby scenery, nevermind the resort facilities because my family, friends and I didn’t enjoy it very much. The staff are very nice though. Meanwhile, here are some of photos I took when we took […]


Okay, I just remembered that I had to blog about this. πŸ˜€ I made a layout for one of our company’s products. It was for a print ad and it’s published already! It’s on Speed Magazine’s May anniversary issue. I’m just happy! We carry the Envision brand of LCD monitors. It’s new in the market […]

The Pieces

Oh my, oh my! I’m getting the butterflies already. No, it’s not because of the wedding, it’s too early to get the jitters. πŸ˜€ I’m going to put an online store this week and the wait is killing me. I’m just worried that people might not look around or they won’t like what I have. […]

Meet My Carebear

I’m temporarily coming out of my cynical self to share something cheesy. Mark gave me a new bear just because. I was all smiles when he handed it to me and I really like it. He alsoΒ  liked the idea that it’s called a “Work of Heart” bear. I told him that it can appear […]