Time Flies

I can’t believe it’s August already. I remember when I was young, it seemed like the years were crawling. I wanted to fast forward to 2002 so I could have my debut already. Now, that’s eleven years ago. Whew! Like almost everyone else, I kind of dislike the age 30. :p No offense but it […]

You snap like scissors

It’s not a one way street, I know I have my mishaps but it just makes me sad. Hurling words without contemplating. One harsh phrase after another. I slowly die inside and if you would just listen, my heart screams a silent cry. I wish we weren’t like that, I feel like giving up now..

A Doughnut and a Cup of Coffee

The only consolation I get while waiting for some work to be done is knowing I have some time to kill writing. I just bought myself a cheap snack and here I am scribbling away. Back to normal programming which is also known as my mundane life, it’s pretty hectic. 😦 I don’t get to […]


Sigh. I miss a lot of things from my past. Some of those things caught up with me lately and it just made me sad. You know how those alone moments in the movies are? That emo moment complete with an equally emo background music? It happened to me minus the grand well thought of […]

Art in Site Mag Launch

My friend Jenn and I went to check out the exhibit last January 17 (late post, I know) at the Ayala Museum. Piles of the mags with artworks were sold for P3,000.00 and a regular mag without the artwork for P400.00. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see my work because many others were looking for […]