Halfy Birthday!

If not for the string of birthday greetings that kept my phone busy the whole day yesterday, it wouldn’t have sunk in that it was my birthday. I woke up and read the messages from the night before and it made me sail right out of bed. The calls convinced me that it was really MY day. It was a first time in years that I spent my birthday at home and it really felt more normal than before. I was home alone; I had cold luncheon meat for lunch. I stayed in front of the computer the whole day which is not very surprising. It was mundane. Unlike when I was in school or at work, people tend to remind you the whole day that it’s your birthday. When my family came home, it was when I felt like celebrating. We ate out at this Chinese restaurant which served great food. I was so full that I didn’t eat breakfast this morning. Oh well, it wasn’t the best birthday I could say. I’ve had happier ones than that but I was just grateful that I was given the chance to live twenty four years of my life and have the best people by my side.



Thanks fore remembering! =)


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