Saab and Meelo Makes it to a Wedding

Dear Saab,

You should know by now that your mummy is into craft stuff and I just want to share something that might inspire you later on. Mummy made these flower girls’ head pieces and wedding garter for a pink and gray themed wedding. It’s a first to make several pieces for a wedding and someday you will understand why weddings are so much fun to plan. That is if your daddy would permit you to marry. (kidding!) Mummy really enjoyed putting the pieces together for each design and I fervently hope that one day you can come and join mummy make some crafts too ❤

Here are some of the photos mummy and her sweet client took:

garter hb002 hb003 hb004 hb001

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4


Hello Cebu!


Dear Saab,


Time flies so fast, love! So many things are happening all at the same time and I can’t keep up. It really just seems like yesterday when you were this teeny weeny baby in my arms and look at what you can do now. You’re all around the living room playing and getting your books by the shelf sometimes pretending to read. It makes me smile. You can now say Daddy, Kitty, Tita and Hi and I know you’re too eager to talk because it shows, dear. 🙂 And not because I’m your mom but I’m really happy that you’re a friendly and charming kid. Saying hi and waving at everyone and flashing a toothy grin. And you make us proud that you can identify the alphabet thanks to Ninang Elle for the tip 😉


Last week, you had your first plane ride to Cebu and Daddy and I are really happy to see that you enjoyed the time with us and our relatives. It just failed us to take photos of you while in the plane. Tsk! Mommy forgetfulness, my bad.


Anyway, here are some photos to remind you 🙂

IMG_9885 IMG_9908 IMG_9954 IMG_9635 IMG_9643 copy IMG_9644 IMG_9666 IMG_9695 IMG_9733 IMG_9742 copy IMG_9777 IMG_9791 copy

Little Miss

Hi Saab,

I’m a happy mother knowing you enjoy the pretty headbands I put on your head. Also know that your Daddy and I enjoy your little milestones like going to a tea party with other kids from my N@wie group, hence the head dress 🙂 It gives me bliss to see that you like seeing other kids and interacting with them. You’ll have a playmate soon but it’s also nice that you get to play with other kids once in awhile. Daddy and I were so excited dressing you up. See the red dress you wore? Daddy picked it for you, dear. I’m pretty sure you’ll like how you looked someday when you’re older.

I didn’t mind holding your little hand while you carefully walk your little steps. You started walking already a little past your 1st birthday and everyone was ecstatic! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos from the party but as far as I can tell, you loved sitting on the floor playing with plastic fruits and appreciated the story telling portion. You smiled at everyone. A charming little girl. I am really your mother 🙂

I will surely post more photos when the set comes out from the official photographers so you’ll have something to smile about someday soon because you’re growing waaaayyyy too fast. 🙂



Dear Saab,

One of the first things I fervently hope you would enjoy someday is reading books. I love to read even as a young girl. I even have a part of our bookshelf dolled up with pocket books I enjoyed reading as a kid and as a teen. Think Sweet Valley, Goosebumps, Girl Talk, Harry Potter, some Babysitters Club, R.L. Stine etc. 🙂 There’s really a joy in reading, Saab. It can take you to far away lands as they say and even fulfill your fairytale fantasies. I remember Momsie taking me to the bookstore and it never failed to excite me. Momsie doesn’t complain when I bought books because she likes to see me read hence your four-eyed mother. 😀

Lately, I came across a list of Top 100 Children’s Books of All TIme and you can imagine how my eyes sparkled. And so off I scoured Booksale and looked at some titles and lo and behold, I found gold. I hope you will enjoy reading them, Hun as much as I had fun finding them for you. 🙂







Fresh Start

Dear Saab,

Mummy’s been in hiatus for quite awhile and reading tita Lisa Llarena’s blog a few weeks back really inspired me to resort to writing again. I’ve been thinking to write down my thoughts down for you to read someday in a diary but putting it in a piece of cyber paper is more brilliant, right? 🙂 Well, it’s your stubborn mum speaking, actually. A diary would actually require me to print photos and paste it on the pages which would be harder because first, we don’t have a printer and second it would take more time to create a page because knowing me, the diary would appear more like a scrapbook than a diary with all those cut outs and stickers. 😀 On second thought, that’s a fun thing to do but I want to save the activity when we can do it together. Oh, your mother’s wish is for you to take after my interest in the arts though I’m a frustrated artist, it’s the eagerness that counts 🙂 Your father can draw and I do hope you’ll get the talent from him.

Anyhoo, let’s get down to the real business. I want to write again because I want vivid stories of our lives together. I want something to run back to in case I miss some important details. I imagine us having rounds of conversations with a lot of flashbacks and laughter. Your father is a funny guy so sometimes it’s hard to have a serious chit chat with him. I imagine our family laughing over breakfast. 🙂

A month and a day ago, you turned one already. How time flies! It’s actually true! I can still remember holding you for the first time like it was yesterday. The feeling was beyond magical. You are simply precious to us, honey. I really had a difficult pregnancy and had to endure insulin injections everyday. I was a pessimist. I thought I’d lose you and I can never bear the thought. But everyday that I’m with you is just a blessing. Your smiles and kisses are enough to get me by. My heart melts every time. Sometimes when I’m being overly dramatic about life, and over thinking things, I look at you and I say to myself how can I complain when God has already given me something to smile about everyday?  🙂

This is getting a bit longer for an introduction. But words are not enough to assure you that having you is really a blessing and the greatest gift ever. I love you, Saab!

saab newborn

New Year, Late Post

I realized that I haven’t written in a loooooong time. 😀 Thought of abandoning the blog completely but writing’s my first love. 😀 It’s actually the last day of January and my first entry for 2012. What’s new you might ask? Well, I turned 28 last Jan 9 and to tell the truth, I’m dreading the big 30. Aaaacckkk! I can’t believe that would be in two years time. But, I’m feeling blissful as well because my kid would turn 2 by that time too! Yes, I’m on the family way and it’s not really easy. I’ve been on bed rest for a month now and it’s killing my back and my head hurts most of the time but I’m not complaining, I’m embracing this whole heartedly. So little one, please hang in there. Mama and Daddy’s so excited to see you.

Okay, those were my thoughts a few months back and I really haven’t gotten the chance to ever finish it. Well, you somehow get the picture in  my head at that time. In just a span of almost 3 months, how my life changed. Motherhood is taking every inch of me. It’s not so easy for me, unfortunately. I have a (very sluggishly) growing cyst in my right ovary, I have gestational diabetes so now I take Insulin 5x a day, I lack Iodine and Vitamin D and I also do have a low lying placenta so I still experience spotting from time to time. Because of these, I also have a lot of fears. I take extra care all the time, things seem to matter more.  But the one thing that takes all these worries away is the thought of holding our baby a few months from now. Lately, I’m comforted and really moved to tears every time I feel the baby kick in my tummy. Everyday just seems so worth it. The sites I visit online is gradually changing as well. Before, I like to buy clothes and shoes for myself but right now, the sight of onesies, booties, cute leggings fascinate me. 🙂 I spend hours reading about motherhood and anything related to it.

A few weeks ago, my endocrinologist told me that after I give birth, I will have to take maintenance vitamins for diabetes. Right now, I really don’t mind because I’m thinking that’s okay because I have the best thing in the world. I’m just brimming with positivity! Oh, the joys of motherhood!

What makes everything all the more blissful is knowing that I have a good support system. How did I ever get so lucky finding an amazing husband who’s been so patient, hardworking, understanding and so loving. I just know he’s going to be a great dad as well. 🙂 My parents especially my mom who takes great care of me and Saab. She cooks for me and she’s also the one who injects my insulin. Of course, all these greatness and my strength comes from the One above. What a happy state to be in. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m sharing the latest ultrasound pics of Mikaela Louise or Saab for short (it’s a compromise since Mark doesn’t really like Isabella)

Can you see her long legs? 🙂

Her head and spine

She’s a little Liz 😀


My friends know what I’m going through lately in terms of my spirituality. I know God finds ways to remind me everyday that He loves me even if questions run through my head all the time. I didn’t have the intention to watch this video while I was browsing a blog but after seeing this, I know I really have to get on my feet and follow Him.


I haven’t written a poem in such a long time! You see, I need something to happen before I can scribble words down. Meaning, I should be in a state of bliss or pain (not wishing) to be able to write rhyming words in one cohesive piece.  A week ago, Jenn asked me to put words (on the spot) together for her friend. His instructions: the poem should be a (pleasant) description of a person. hence 🙂

I look forward to days that I’ll see you
Your wide smiling eyes
as though they speak

Your hands that gently clutch mine
and your little kindness everyday
sends all the doubts away

This is how you always make me feel
Like blue clouds after the storm
Like a red rose on white snow

Doesn’t make a lot of sense, I know but hopefully I gather some nice pats on the back. Not something my favorite author would write but it definitely came from the heart. Ok enough with the cheese. 🙂

Bear Hugs

You open your blog account just because you want to update it but you don’t really have so much to say? Do you ever have that kind of feeling?  I’m exactly feeling that way. Anyhoo, as always, I just have some random stuff I want to share. Like today, I suddenly realized I’m blessed to have really good friends. And mind you, it’s not measured by the number of friends I have in Facebook. :p Kidding aside, I know people hear this a lot but in my case, I’m so so grateful and overwhelmed actually because I’ve said this before, I feel so loved and cared for. I feel so indispensible and it doesn’t hurt that I have a lot of shoulders to cry on and of course, share laughs with. 🙂  But does this mean, I’m a good friend too? I have my doubts. 😦 I fail my friends sometimes when I promise to see them but then something comes up, usually relating to work.  I feel so bad that I fail to be there and make memories… Or sometimes, I just give the crappiest of advice. I’m so sorry, If I may say, I’m a better listener. 😀 I just hope they don’t think they’re not so important to me because they are. After all, friends are LOVE! I’m not out there to win the best friend award but all the kindness and sweet words are (cheesy as it may sound) actually the best things I could ever have.  So to my old and new friends, you know who you are! Bear with me, please?  Come and give me a hug! 🙂