Saab and Meelo Makes it to a Wedding

Dear Saab,

You should know by now that your mummy is into craft stuff and I just want to share something that might inspire you later on. Mummy made these flower girls’ head pieces and wedding garter for a pink and gray themed wedding. It’s a first to make several pieces for a wedding and someday you will understand why weddings are so much fun to plan. That is if your daddy would permit you to marry. (kidding!) Mummy really enjoyed putting the pieces together for each design and I fervently hope that one day you can come and join mummy make some crafts too ❤

Here are some of the photos mummy and her sweet client took:

garter hb002 hb003 hb004 hb001

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4


One thought on “Saab and Meelo Makes it to a Wedding

  1. Liz, the pieces are gorgeous! It’s wonderfully photographed too! I’m very happy too see you are still blogging. Oooh, I want so much to get back to blogging (I said want, since I didn’t want to say I’d go back until I really did. Haha.) It’s also cute to see you’re writing for Saab, kinda like Good luck Charlie! 😉

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