What I Love Right Now

I got two free bags in one week. I love free stuff! I got a Mamma Mia! bag from joining a promo in clickthecity.com. Together with the bag, I also got a shirt and a disposable camera. Mark accompanied me in retrieving my loot bag in Makati but as we were on our way, heavy […]


This year, I want to get things done early and finish Christmas shopping as soon as possible. I want to get into the alternative and refrain from buying from malls. So what’s everyone’s alternative? Rummaging through bazaars! I like how I look forward to seeing a lot of new and unique stuffs. I hope to get […]

They Gave Up on Me

I was rushing this morning and was on my way to the jeepney queue when i felt that my foot was slipping from my wedge shoe. I didn’t realize that the straps on the side were already detached from the wedge. I really loved those shoes because I could pair it with pants or skirts […]

In a Month

Have you noticed that some local TV personalities started losing some pounds and they are wearing skimpier clothes? Like Juday for example. I even saw one photo of her looking like a Pussycat doll, costume wise. Anyway, I wonder if the thinning capsule really works or is it because these people have some extra money […]