Saab and Meelo Makes it to a Wedding

Dear Saab, You should know by now that your mummy is into craft stuff and I just want to share something that might inspire you later on. Mummy made these flower girls’ head pieces and wedding garter for a pink and gray themed wedding. It’s a first to make several pieces for a wedding and […]

New Year, Late Post

I realized that I haven’t written in a loooooong time. 😀 Thought of abandoning the blog completely but writing’s my first love. 😀 It’s actually the last day of January and my first entry for 2012. What’s new you might ask? Well, I turned 28 last Jan 9 and to tell the truth, I’m dreading […]


My friends know what I’m going through lately in terms of my spirituality. I know God finds ways to remind me everyday that He loves me even if questions run through my head all the time. I didn’t have the intention to watch this video while I was browsing a blog but after seeing this, […]


I haven’t written a poem in such a long time! You see, I need something to happen before I can scribble words down. Meaning, I should be in a state of bliss or pain (not wishing) to be able to write rhyming words in one cohesive piece.  A week ago, Jenn asked me to put words (on the spot) together for her […]

Bear Hugs

You open your blog account just because you want to update it but you don’t really have so much to say? Do you ever have that kind of feeling?  I’m exactly feeling that way. Anyhoo, as always, I just have some random stuff I want to share. Like today, I suddenly realized I’m blessed to have really good […]