Little Miss

Hi Saab,

I’m a happy mother knowing you enjoy the pretty headbands I put on your head. Also know that your Daddy and I enjoy your little milestones like going to a tea party with other kids from my N@wie group, hence the head dress 🙂 It gives me bliss to see that you like seeing other kids and interacting with them. You’ll have a playmate soon but it’s also nice that you get to play with other kids once in awhile. Daddy and I were so excited dressing you up. See the red dress you wore? Daddy picked it for you, dear. I’m pretty sure you’ll like how you looked someday when you’re older.

I didn’t mind holding your little hand while you carefully walk your little steps. You started walking already a little past your 1st birthday and everyone was ecstatic! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos from the party but as far as I can tell, you loved sitting on the floor playing with plastic fruits and appreciated the story telling portion. You smiled at everyone. A charming little girl. I am really your mother 🙂

I will surely post more photos when the set comes out from the official photographers so you’ll have something to smile about someday soon because you’re growing waaaayyyy too fast. 🙂



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