Why Don’t You Do Something?

Just making use of some idle time. 😀 Instructions 1. Go here . The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2. Go here. The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. If you want to do this again, […]

I Love Days Like This

When I was in high school and in college, my high school friends and I usually plan quality time together on weekends. Of course, due to our grueling class scheds, only a few pushed through. Now that we’re working, it’s a little impossible to meet up. Last Sunday, I dragged Crisel to come with me […]

I Promise It’ll be Gone by Tomorrow

It’s just that my mind has a plateful of different visions and lethargic thoughts that’s been bugging me a lot lately. I’ve been keeping loads of these to myself but sometimes they just hit me like cold water over my head.  The sad thing is, I’m letting it all happen and slap me on the face. […]

The Plan

Just last week, Mark and I were talking about photos and photo shoots. Then I thought of something. The conversation went like: Liz: Uy, minsan naman punta tayo sa ibang place tapos photo shoot tayo. Mark: As in magttravel tayo? Sige. Liz: Uhm, kahit diyan diyan lang. Kunware, sa Fort Santiago. Mark: Sige, go! But I […]

Cebu! Cebu!

I know the title’s all hyped up but sadly I only have a few photos. Most of which are shots from the airport. I wasn’t able to go around the city to take photos. These are the best I’ve got. Actually, I went to Cebu because of work, we participated in an exhibit which really took […]