Dear Saab,

One of the first things I fervently hope you would enjoy someday is reading books. I love to read even as a young girl. I even have a part of our bookshelf dolled up with pocket books I enjoyed reading as a kid and as a teen. Think Sweet Valley, Goosebumps, Girl Talk, Harry Potter, some Babysitters Club, R.L. Stine etc. 🙂 There’s really a joy in reading, Saab. It can take you to far away lands as they say and even fulfill your fairytale fantasies. I remember Momsie taking me to the bookstore and it never failed to excite me. Momsie doesn’t complain when I bought books because she likes to see me read hence your four-eyed mother. 😀

Lately, I came across a list of Top 100 Children’s Books of All TIme and you can imagine how my eyes sparkled. And so off I scoured Booksale and looked at some titles and lo and behold, I found gold. I hope you will enjoy reading them, Hun as much as I had fun finding them for you. 🙂








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