My Life So Far

I know I haven’t been writing a lot lately and filled up the blog space with a lot more photos. The past months were like a rollercoaster ride.  I really love the out of town trips and the photography stints our little business had been doing. 🙂 Of course all the time I spent with the hubby […]

LithElle Pieces Accessory Bin

Soon, this will really materialize. 🙂 Elle and I had fun arranging and selling our stuff a week ago at the Rockwell Tent. We joined this Woman Power Bazaar. A lot of other sellers joined too plus there were activities for parents. We sold some pieces and enjoyed the time answering queries and selling some […]

Happy Times

A week ago, we celebrated Tei’s birthday here at the house. Surprisingly, beyond his hectic schedule, Norms was here too to celebrate with us. While I was browsing his laptop, I remembered asking if he still has the copy of the souvenir video I made and gave as a gift to them on our college […]

MakoLith in HK

I’ve been waiting for a loooooong time for this. Ok, that’s exaggerated. 😀 Maybe a few months. Ever since we bought the tickets last February, I can’t stop thinking about HK Disneyland and shopping. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go shopping that much because we didn’t have enough time. Bummer! Mark and I had a […]