My friends know what I’m going through lately in terms of my spirituality. I know God finds ways to remind me everyday that He loves me even if questions run through my head all the time. I didn’t have the intention to watch this video while I was browsing a blog but after seeing this, […]


I haven’t written a poem in such a long time! You see, I need something to happen before I can scribble words down. Meaning, I should be in a state of bliss or pain (not wishing) to be able to write rhyming words in one cohesive piece.  A week ago, Jenn asked me to put words (on the spot) together for her […]

Something Old

For sometime now, I’ve been thinking of what kind of jewelry to wear with my gown. I thought of making a beaded necklace and I think it would be nice but I have something really old that I want to wear. The necklace is over ninety years old. It was my grandmother’s and her mother […]

In a Month

Have you noticed that some local TV personalities started losing some pounds and they are wearing skimpier clothes? Like Juday for example. I even saw one photo of her looking like a Pussycat doll, costume wise. Anyway, I wonder if the thinning capsule really works or is it because these people have some extra money […]


I’m not feeling so good today. I think I’m going to catch a big cold and I’m a little dizzy. I actually just want to put all these random thoughts on a piece of net space so I’d feel a little relaxed so now, here I am jabbering away. Okay, I sort of anticipated the the last installment of […]

Jim Paredes on EX-GFs (from Deanne’s blog)

Okay, I was checking my Multiply inbox when I read Deanne’s blog entry. I can’t open the original site so I pasted here what Deanne chose to post. It’s very insightful. It’s another way you can look at it. Something positive, really. I had other relationships with accompanying lessons, but all these happened so long ago, and […]

Post Summer Post

I’ve been meaning to write about my weekend getaway since last Sunday night. Pero dahil sa gusto ko may photos ang entry, hindi pa ako makapagpost. I can’t pick from the photos pa. Sana lang hindi ko katamaran mag ayos ng pictures for the entry. Will post about the raves soon. 😀