Born This Way

For those watching the series, you’re well familiar with the episode. Like you, the ending performance struck me. I’m way beyond my teens but if I were to wear the white shirt and print some words on it, mine would probably say “NOT ENOUGH”:D. Growing up, I had some struggles being a teen in an exclusive school where it matters that you’re pretty and cool. Well, I kept a low profile, and didn’t make a big fuss out of it. So I have to say that back then, I’m not pretty enough, not cool enough, not smart enough,  can’t sing good enough and can’t write good enough. I wear glasses and I was a klutz. 😀

Over the years, I tend to accept the imperfections. 😀 I somehow built some confidence and believed in myself. I’m not saying that now I’m way above everybody else. I still have to find where I’m “good enough” and make the most out of it. For now, I wear my shirt and wear it proud because I’m making the most out of ME.Nevermind the flaws, it’s what keeps me grounded. Born this way, baby! 😀


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