So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

I’ve been unconsciuosly asking myself that question lately.  I have too many plans, I want to do so many things but I don’t know where to start or when. Yes, I’m really not speaking clearly and this is gonna be vague. I mean want to start a business, like selling stuff in Multiply. I also want to pursue photography and graphics design and I’m working on it. Mark and I are also planning to put up like a video editing biz. I’m psyched about it because I get to do graphics.  I want to travel basically to take photos 😀 . But I have to have financial resources to do that. That is why I’m thinking about all these stuff.  And of course saving up is a major deal. I just wish everything will fall into place . I want things to go as planned. 😀 I know it’ll be fun especially when I get to do what i like ;p .



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