Amaze Me!

Recently, I’ve been surfing a lot to find the perfect place where my college friends and I can spend the summer together. I came across a blog that advertised a resort in Masbate. I was kind of surprised because the province did not struck me as a tourist destination. That is why even if my dad is from Masbate and my parents told me a lot of fascinating stuff about it, I wasn’t enticed to visit the place because for a very lame reason, I’m afraid to ride bancas. But I heard right now, they use ferry boats already. Hehe! And so when I did see photos of the place last night, I couldn’t stop myself from digging up more photos of Ticao Island (it’s my father’s hometown) Apparently, they have the most beautiful beaches in the country. And I am truly convinced when my mom told me that there’s a beach there where the shoreline is filled with pebbles of different sizes. A really amazing place to be snapping photos away. And I am seriously planning to go there just like how much I want to see Batanes. I’m saving up!!!

a photo i found in a resort called Halea Island. looks like Palawan, eh?

Catandayagan Falls. The water actually falls into the blue sea!

Here I Come! 😀

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