I haven’t written a poem in such a long time! You see, I need something to happen before I can scribble words down. Meaning, I should be in a state of bliss or pain (not wishing) to be able to write rhyming words in one cohesive piece.  A week ago, Jenn asked me to put words (on the spot) together for her friend. His instructions: the poem should be a (pleasant) description of a person. hence 🙂

I look forward to days that I’ll see you
Your wide smiling eyes
as though they speak

Your hands that gently clutch mine
and your little kindness everyday
sends all the doubts away

This is how you always make me feel
Like blue clouds after the storm
Like a red rose on white snow

Doesn’t make a lot of sense, I know but hopefully I gather some nice pats on the back. Not something my favorite author would write but it definitely came from the heart. Ok enough with the cheese. 🙂


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