Bear Hugs

You open your blog account just because you want to update it but you don’t really have so much to say? Do you ever have that kind of feeling?  I’m exactly feeling that way. Anyhoo, as always, I just have some random stuff I want to share. Like today, I suddenly realized I’m blessed to have really good friends. And mind you, it’s not measured by the number of friends I have in Facebook. :p Kidding aside, I know people hear this a lot but in my case, I’m so so grateful and overwhelmed actually because I’ve said this before, I feel so loved and cared for. I feel so indispensible and it doesn’t hurt that I have a lot of shoulders to cry on and of course, share laughs with. 🙂  But does this mean, I’m a good friend too? I have my doubts. 😦 I fail my friends sometimes when I promise to see them but then something comes up, usually relating to work.  I feel so bad that I fail to be there and make memories… Or sometimes, I just give the crappiest of advice. I’m so sorry, If I may say, I’m a better listener. 😀 I just hope they don’t think they’re not so important to me because they are. After all, friends are LOVE! I’m not out there to win the best friend award but all the kindness and sweet words are (cheesy as it may sound) actually the best things I could ever have.  So to my old and new friends, you know who you are! Bear with me, please?  Come and give me a hug! 🙂


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