Back When I Used to Write Fiction

I was browsing some old files in the cabinet when I decided to pop up this dvd in the drive. turns out it contains some of my writings from my late college years. I remembered I wanted to write a story ala Vince Teves. 🙂  Hahaha! Oh well, for the sake of old times, sharing with you an excerpt of an episode from some unfinished fiction. Please don’t judge. I was young then. 🙂

Over Coffee

(by: Liza S. Contemprate)

As soon as I sat across from Angel in the coffee shop one afternoon, I knew there was something that was going to go wrong. Even though Angel was at her usual jaunty mood (her face literally lit up when she saw me) I can sense a little bit of doubt.

Angel and I decided to get Xander a Bon Voyage gift right after we finish our cup which would take us at least an hour and a half.. Our friend is luckily going out of the country for good. He and his family are off for migration. That would leave just Angel and me for a long while and I’m not complaining.

Just as I made my first sip of the hot coffee, Angel was fidgeting in her seat and kept on rubbing the edges of her ultra dark sunglasses. I was also in my usual lunatic self and as soon as I blurted out a lame joke, Angel automatically let out her contagious laugh that led to another and another and before we knew it, we had to scram out of our seats because it’s running late or we’ll never get around on buying Xander a nice gift. So that went on for a while. We sat there talking and laughing and talking and laughing and talking then laughed again. With Angel around, I can never sit still. She gives me the hiccups all the time.

Then the uncomfortable silence came. I had this strong feeling that under those thick glasses are eyes of longing. And I was 100% correct.

“Why suddenly so quiet?” I asked her when she took a long sip of coffee.

There was a long pause that I couldn’t muster. Finally she took off her glasses revealing her poignant eyes. I looked away. I already knew the reason, Xander. Seeing Angel like that crumpled my heart.

When she didn’t speak I asked again, “Is that about Xander?”

She took a deep breath and just nodded. I didn’t know what to say. I never thought that Angel still liked Xander. Angel had this long time feelings for Xander and he never knew it. So typical of a tragic love story and now that Xander would be leaving Angel knew there’s nothing more she could do. Angel started to ease her feelings by telling me everything and as she discloses, I know she had already accepted it.

I sat there quietly and there came the uncomfortable silence again. I looked at Angel again and she started to smile and somehow that made me smile too. Then Angel had to open a topic that I was avoiding for the past few days.

“I talked to Hannah a few days earlier. Are you getting back together?’ Angel asked a little bit softer than her usual voice, it was more like a loud whisper.

My brows furrowed. Me and Hannah getting back together? That wasn’t in the agenda. As I looked up, Angel had plastered this taunting smile on her lips that erased any trace of sadness. I blinked a few times and I still can’t think of a reply. Mainly because I really don’t have the answer or I was still confused. But what am I confused about? I stared at Angel once again, her face suddenly looked so serious that I had to laugh. “don’t look at me like that, you’re making me laugh” I told her and she loosened a bit.

“Hey. c’mon, don’t change the topic, James” Angel said leaning back on her chair and folded her arms across her chest.

I paused and swallowed again, “Well, Hannah and I are just… friends”

Angel had this look on her face, maybe it was relief. Relief? For what?

“Safe answer, James. A very safe answer” she said.

“What do you want me to say? Besides, I’m not really thinking about this.” I said and just stayed quiet.

Angel took a deep breath. “Okay, let’s just change the topic.” She started yet another story that made even her eyes smile. Yes, I’m not thinking about Hannah. I assure that to myself.

I realized I was breathing normally again.


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