A Doughnut and a Cup of Coffee

The only consolation I get while waiting for some work to be done is knowing I have some time to kill writing. I just bought myself a cheap snack and here I am scribbling away. Back to normal programming which is also known as my mundane life, it’s pretty hectic. 😦 I don’t get to see Mark as much. Well, that’s also because he’s got a load of work to do. The thought makes me sad. I’m just looking forward to the Holidays and do something fun like photo ops maybe? For the past weeks, it’s been like this. How ordinary can my life get?

Type… type… type…  Some of the words I want to write kind of drowned inside my head. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or being idle right now. Haha! I just wish October would end already and come November, I’ll be oh-so-giddy like a kid playing in the park, busy building whatever in the sandbox 😀


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