I had the time to browse through my old blog. As I was reading these lines, I can’t help but agree with my twenty three year old self:

“More than anything, 2007 taught me the idea of not being afraid to love greatly and be loved above anyone in return. That when asked why I love this person, I just shrug and give a smile because there are no words to really explain it or I could give a million reasons why and still give a million reasons more. A love that is defined by real friendship. The kind of love that inspired me to be better and that I know I’ll stay that same good person for a lifetime because other than myself, someone believed I am. A love that sees through everything, even pain. I know and I feel that I made this person happy and important. I also know that he’s become a better person because of me and that is called an achievement. I have no regrets for this kind of love.”


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