Hail Stella Maris

I wonder if I made the right title for this entry. Hehe. My highschool friends and I met up last Sunday to accomplish a shoot for Shano’s clothes and my accessory line. 😀  We initially wanted to shoot at Cubao X then opted to move it to Crisel’s place and finally while we were walking towards Aurora Boulevard, we decided why not shoot in Stella. 😀 It was a great idea, actually. We love our school even if so many things have changed. A lot of high school memories greeted us. It wasn’t even hard to ask permission from the guard which was the best thing. We were able to roam around and shoot. It was nice to come back especially because I were with great friends. I love the pancit canton and the spanish bread too and of course who could resist my charming godson litol Sef. Hee! Salamat Shano!

Come check out the whole set at Lith and Pieces and Shop With No Name 🙂

hues of blue and red


dress b cover


 dress c cover


dress d cover


dress e


dress f coVER


EDIT: Here’s a group photo I grabbed from Crisel’s blog! Yes, I had make up on and it’s done by Kat. 😀



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