Elle has been my friend for the longest time. At least that’s how it feels to me. We met the first day of classes, first sem of our first year in FEU. I was lucky enough to arrive early and found myself sitting next to her. The introductions came and we were inseparable since. She’s a good friend is an understatement, I love her so much because she’s very affectionate, kind and she hangs on to every bit of my life story and I’m so grateful for that. Even when we went our separate courses, we found ways to see each other and catch up.

Fast forward to seven years later I stood witness to one of Elle’s greatest life story, her lovelife. I’ve known Gerloi for as long as I’ve known Elle. I knew from the start that they’d be together forever. Hee! There were a lot of unhappy moments and I thought they’d never get back together but here they are husband and wife finally.

So as a gift, Mark and I made this AVP for their wedding reception. 😀

I can’t insert the video so here’s the link instead: http://vimeo.com/3237373.


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