Sino Si Kat?

This is Kat.

She’s been my friend since high school. We went out about two weeks ago (yes, this entry is so late) and I was so ecstatic to finally see her after a few years. We talked about a lot of stuff about jobs, clothes, our lives and some more chika. So anyway, we ate and laughed and ate some more. My friend’s an architect now and a designer too. So how cool is that? Back when we were in highschool, she’s someone whom I thought liked boybands because she looked like one. She was all girly and timid looking. That’s always the story I tell people whenever I speak of Kat and how we became friends. But, boy, was I so wrong. She hated boybands (hates them still) and she liked Red Hot Chili Peppers back then. I used to frown at her because we had different music preferences. Now, that I’m looking back, I think that she was a cool kid. Well, she’s still cool and I miss her already. Oh, I’ll see you soon, Kat! ;p


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