What I Love Right Now

I got two free bags in one week. I love free stuff!

I got a Mamma Mia! bag from joining a promo in clickthecity.com. Together with the bag, I also got a shirt and a disposable camera. Mark accompanied me in retrieving my loot bag in Makati but as we were on our way, heavy rains poured and we were soaked. It was hard to find a ride home so we took an FX which cost us a hundred bucks to get to Cubao. But I was happy because through that trip, I was also able to submit my Art in Site mag cover in Legaspi Village and paid my phone bill in Greenbelt. Yes, we walked around Makati when the rain started to tone down. Mark was nonchalant even though his clothes were dripping wet because we shared the umbrella, we were even laughing whenever we stepped on puddles.

I got the Kickers denim bag through a text message saying that Kickers moved to a new location in Megamall Bldg A. It’s on the second level near the car park entrance. Since Mark’s office is just at the back of Megamall and his log in time is ten am, I asked him to get the bag for me. As Mark had put it, “May bag ka na pang ra-ra”

Now, I’m thinking of joining more online contests. Hee!


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