Some Enchanted Evening

I suddenly remembered why I love watching theater plays. It’s like watching a concert, it’s live and it’s raw and so animated. My family and I watched the last run of Cinderella at CCP. I was excited because it’s been four years since the last play I saw. I always check play schedules but my plans to watch always end up there. We arrived ahead of time and strolled around the venue. Lots of people came to see the last show.

This exhibit caught our curiosity so my mom and I approached the interesting assembled pieces (made of what appears to be junk stuff) by the wall. I totally forgot to note down the exhibit details, unfortunately.

After a few minute we lined up to get into the balcony. I also purchased these cute binoculars so I could see better. I took the photo at the empty seat beside me which was supposed to be Mark’s but he wasn’t able to come because of an ongoing project.

The view from the balcony’s not that bad, really. Here’s my view of the stage.

The show ran for about three hours and I love every magical minute of it! I love musicals in general. I also like watching theater actors because of the exaggerated gestures they project to the audience. My mom was raving afterwards she was really looking forward to seeing this play.

I really hope I could see more plays next time.


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