I’m not feeling so good today. I think I’m going to catch a big cold and I’m a little dizzy. I actually just want to put all these random thoughts on a piece of net space so I’d feel a little relaxed so now, here I am jabbering away.

Okay, I sort of anticipated the the last installment of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga. I actually feel a little (just a little) embarrased reading her novels because I think it’s too “teen” for me. Growing up is inevitable, you know. Maybe it’s just me or maybe the book’s just so… uh, I don’t even know how to describe it. A phrase that’s probably a little related to my thoughts would be too surreally syrupy sweet. Or maybe I’m just exaggerating. Pardon me because there’s also a hapless romantic inside of this little nutshell that is me. I just have too many maybes about it right now. The pit bottom of all these, I have this weird thirst for blood, joking! I like vampires—yes, a boring and perennial reason, everyone.

Then lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of HDR on the net and I was intrigued so I downloaded a software called Photomatix Pro and tried it out. I have to say that I like those kind of sharp dreamy-like photos. This tutorial is really tons of help. Just want to share with you what I had come up with….


barn in quezon

barn in quezon

nothing spectaculah, really! hahaha!

Apart from my little experiment, I also came up with a promo for one of our company’s products. For the nth time, it really sucks that I don’t get to win those HK disneyland package prize. But, so much for my ranting, here’s the little layout i made. 😀

promo ad

promo ad

That’s it. I’m done. Happy weekend, everyone! 😀


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