Like a Sappy Old Movie

Recently, getting married is like the “in” thing in my circle of friends. Being the very hopeless romantic that I am, I get all excited and in my most “awww” mood. I even got teary-eyed when I received this text from a friend telling me that she’s getting married. Yes, I can go overboard, ladies and gentlemen. So, anyhoo,  I try to help in my spare time looking for whatever it is they want help with. I’m not very knowledgeable with wedding stuffs but the internet’s my friend. Enough of my sappy intro. Off we go to another sappy story. I was looking at this wedding site, and saw an article about Jiggy Manicad (you might find him familiar because he’s a GMA newsman) getting married. I got curious with their onsite video. here it is!


It’s cheesy I know, but I’m in the mood. 😀


One thought on “Like a Sappy Old Movie

  1. Weddings is one of our celebrated traditions in our country. Naku, who wouldn’t get excited if a friend decided to tie the knot na. I think especially women are looking forward on a grand and romantic wedding as well

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