I Love Days Like This

When I was in high school and in college, my high school friends and I usually plan quality time together on weekends. Of course, due to our grueling class scheds, only a few pushed through. Now that we’re working, it’s a little impossible to meet up. Last Sunday, I dragged Crisel to come with me to Penshoppe’s Shoot You! Lomo Exhibit in Makati. We chatted away while pointing and shooting. We even went to Greenbelt to do the same thing. We actually like strolling in Greenbelt because you don’t so often bump into another person. We can freely walk and do our stuff. Anyway, after lunch we met Katherine to watch Dark Knight and then ate heavy snacks. It was really quality time and we had so much stories and fun as well. We all want to do this again. 😀






I have the rest here. 😉


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