The Plan

Just last week, Mark and I were talking about photos and photo shoots. Then I thought of something. The conversation went like:

Liz: Uy, minsan naman punta tayo sa ibang place tapos photo shoot tayo.
Mark: As in magttravel tayo? Sige.
Liz: Uhm, kahit diyan diyan lang. Kunware, sa Fort Santiago.
Mark: Sige, go!

But I didn’t expect that our little plan will start with shooting in a graveyard. Oh well, here are some of the goofy stuff we did.


This one’s kind of serious and gloomy, I think. hehe. D

A shot from my behind. )

His turn

Mark trying a macro

I had a hard time climbing and sitting on this wall but I really wanted a solo shot so I REALLY tried. LOL!

Unlike me, Mark easily got up

Playing around with the car

These photos can also be seen here.

2 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. laaahveeett!!! gaganda ng mga shots nyo! =)
    ganda kumuha sa sementeryo noh ?

    macro’s my frustration. turuan nyo naman ako! =(

    liz, halatang hirap kang umakyat dun sa wall. hehehe… pero ganda pa rin nung shot. nung shot HA! hehehe.. jokeness.
    excitedness ako sa plan din natin mag-ganito!

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