Bye, Manong!

Three months ago, my high school put up a benefit event for the most loved security guard in school, Manong Tero. He had a brain tumor and was confined. The event was a real success and we were so happy that many people took the time to help him the best way they could. The event also became a tribute to a great man who was not just a security guard to the hundreds of children in school, more than that, he was someone respected and loved for the care and concern he had shown to all of us. He was a father and a friend to literally every student.

And now, I have to bid him “Bye, Manong!” like I used to do each time I go home after class several years back, the only difference is I won’t be waiting for that fatherly reply I used to get from him saying “Ok, ingat!” He’s gone to a happier place now. I know every time I pass by my school I’ll always look for that welcoming smile at the gate which is one of the reasons why I hold the school dear to my heart. I’ll miss you, Manong! You’re safe now.

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