A Burger Worth Dying For

Last Saturday, my family were watching the One on One special with Jun Lozada (the guy’s been tagged a hero nowadays, don’t ask me why, I’m not so updated) and I was getting sleepy on the sofa. I was about to doze off but Benjamin Abalos’ statement made me stay awake and laugh. I just can’t believe the guy. Imagine, he was on the hot seat and he had the nerve to advertise his burger recipe that’s served in his daughter’s resto. He described it as “a burger worth dying for”. Grabe, it was kind of hilarious because he kept on bringing it up. Oh well, that’s a chance he had to grab.


One thought on “A Burger Worth Dying For

  1. walang reply c jun lozada non.. tama nman c abalos..he just humored the viewers abwt lozada’s falsity on the said dates that he wasnt at wakwak golf club..well in fact he was..lozada sux

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